Code::Blocks 1.0.3915

CodeBlocks is an open source IDE for C and C++ programming languages
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CodeBlocks is an open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for C and C++ programming languages.
It is just like the old Turbo C++, only that this one is for 32 bit windows and other platforms like the linux, solaris, mac, etc. CodeBlocks is a really small program. It doesn't boast of much features. The editing style copies the Microsoft Visual Studio, only that it was not successful in incorporating some features. The shortcut keys and "path" selecting features are the same as that of the old TC++.

There is no much help feature available for the programming. Only a help file is included for the program and its functions. Editing is easy. But auto correction and help on programming would have improved the program further.

Plugins and extensions are available since it is open souce, in a large number. Some of the included plugins are, tetris and snake game, class wizard, windows xp look and feel (for a project), etc.

Anyway, for a beginner to C, C++ programming, this can be quite difficult and confusing to use; because of the lack of help on programming. I would recommend Turbo C++ 3.0 for them.

Zack Martin
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  • For various platforms
  • Plugins
  • Open Source
  • Fast


  • Less features
  • Help is very small
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